The Forerunner (1:1): "Thanksong" (Poem, Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents

Thankful are we for life
--And the joy of living.
Baby-pleasure of taking;
--Mother-glory of giving.

Thankful are we for light
--And the joy of seeing.
Stir of emotion strong,
--And the peace of being.

Thankful are we for power,
--And the pride ensuing;
Baby-pleasure of having,
--Father-glory of doing.

Originally published in Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909).

Etext from Project Gutenberg.

This public domain text has been presented as found (with some minor format changes); this website and its owners are not responsible for errors, substantive and/or minor.

The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents

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