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The Forerunner (1:1): "Fels-Naptha Soap" (Advertisement, Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

I took a trolley trip in New England, one Summer, carrying for my only
baggage a neat thin German "mappe"--about 15 by 12 by 2.

"But what do you do for clean underwear?" inquired my friends.

Then I produced from one corner of that restricted space, a neat small
box, and a piece of a cake of Fels-Naptha.

"Wash 'em over night, they are dry in the morning," said I.

"But are they clean?"

"Of course, they are clean, chemically clean,--if you use Fels-Naptha."

Suppose you are camping, and hot water is hard to come by; or travelling
in places where it may not be had at all; or that you merely live in the
country and have to heat it "by hand," as it were; it is warm weather,
very warm weather, and the mere thought of hot water is unpleasant; or
that you burn gas,--and gas costs money, as indeed does other fuel; or
that your laundress is unreliable and will not boil the clothes:--

In any or all of these cases, use Fels-Naptha, and use it according to

It is easy, it is quick, it is inexpensive, and the clothes are clean,
artistically and antiseptically clean.

This soap has been a solid comfort my kitchen for years. It is a steady
travelling companion, and I have recommended it to many grateful friends
before now.

C. P. G.

Fels & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Please mention THE FORERUNNER when purchasing.

Originally published in Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909).

Etext from Project Gutenberg.

This public domain text has been presented as found (with some minor format changes); this website and its owners are not responsible for errors, substantive and/or minor.

The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents

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