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The Forerunner (1:1): "Holeproof Hosiery" (Advertisement, Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents



Few women like to darn stockings, but most women have to.

They have to darn their own,--not many; their husband's--more; and their

The amount of time they waste in this Sisyphean task would, even at
charwoman's wages, buy socks and stockings for a dozen families.

Spent in reading, it would improve their minds--darning doesn't. Spent
in rest, it would improve their health--darning doesn't. Darning
stockings is one of the most foolish things women are expected to do.

"But what are we to do? Stockings will wear out," protest the darners.

Buy new ones.

"But they wear out so fast!"

That is where you are wrong; they do not wear out fast--if you buy the

I bought some once. Did they wear out? They did not wear out. I wore
them and wore them and wore them, till I was so tired of those
deathless, impervious, unnaturally whole stockings that I gave them

Seriously, the Holeproof Hosiery does what it promises. I have used it,
other members of my family have used it, friends of mine have used it
and I have never heard any complaint, except of the monotony of whole

If you don't believe it, try it--but be sure and get the real thing; of
your dealer or

The Holeproof Hosiery Co., Milwaulkee, Wis.

Please mention THE FORERUNNER when purchasing.

C. P. G.


Originally published in Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909).

Etext from Project Gutenberg.

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The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents

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