The Forerunner (1:1): "Thanksgiving" (Poem, Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents

I never thought much of the folks who pray
--The Lord to make them thankful for a meal
Expecting Him to furnish all the food
And then provide them with the gratitude
--They haven't grace to feel.

I never thought much of this yearly thanks,
--Either for what once happened long ago,
Or for "our constant mercies." To my mind
If we're to thank a Power that's daily kind,
--Our annual's too slow.

Suppose we spread Thanksgiving--hand it round--
--Give God an honest heartful every day;
And, while we're being thankful, why not give
Some gratitude to those by whom we live--
--As well as stingy pay?


Originally published in Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909).

Etext from Project Gutenberg.

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The Forerunner: 1:1 (November 1909): Table of Contents

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